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Simply stated, SwitchMyBooks.com is a centralized website where students can buy and sell their college books directly with other students at much better prices than the book stores, and save a lot of money over the course of getting their college degree.

Lots! In many cases the bookstore won’t buyback a book because of a minor edition changes or some other reason. Or the buyback will be a very small amount compared to what you paid. In the first example you would get money for your books you would not have otherwise received, and in the second example, you can attempt to get more money than offered by the bookstore.

Again, lot’s. New books cost a fortune. Used books sold by the bookstores are extremely high as well. Renting and EBooks are throw away money because you just give them back or they become deactivated at the end of the semester. Using SwitchMyBooks.com you can browse books for the best prices because other students are selling books you may need substantially lower than bookstore prices.

This is one of the biggest benefits of SwitchMyBooks.com. When you list a book, you enter the date that it is ‘Available On’. If you want to sell it immediately then the available date would be when you list it. However, let’s say that you are currently using your books for classes for this semester. You can set the ‘Available Date’ as of the end of the semester. During the semester your books are displayed, and any student who knows they are taking a class next semester can reserve it. So your books are exposed to sellers the entire semester, not just a few days during the beginning semester rush. At the end of the semester you just make the exchange on campus.

If a books ‘Available Date’ is now, reserve the book and you are provided the sellers contact information to meet on campus and exchange the book for dollars. If the books ‘Available Date’ is in the future, for example the end of the semester, you ‘Reserve’ the book. Towards the end of the semester both the buyer and seller are reminded via email to complete the exchange on campus.

The great thing about SwitchMyBooks.com is there is no risk. If your books don’t sell in the timeframe you want, at any time you can 'Unlist' your books and attempt to sell it elsewhere if possible.

Not at all. Simply click ‘browse’ from our home page to search our library of books.

Yes. In order to list or reserve any book you wish to sell or buy, you must first register a username in our system or by logging in using your Facebook account. Basic information is required so we may send automated emails to both the buyer and seller that books have been reserved. Additionally, reminders are sent to buyers and sellers to complete the transaction near the available date.

To reserve a book you want to purchase, first login into your account with either your username or your Facebook account. When you find the book you want to buy, simply click the reserve button and an automated response will direct you to completion.

To sell a book, login into your account using your registered username or your Facebook account. Click “List a Book” at the top of your browser and fill in the listing information.

If a book has already been reserved, you can get on a wait list, where for some reason the buyer decides to 'Unreserve' that book or fails to complete the transaction. In this situation, you will be notified that this book is available and you have 24 hours in which to reserve / buy this book. This works by if the student who has first reserved the book never comes through or fails to make the transaction, the person on the waitlist is then moved up in line with the right to claim that book.

SwitchMyBooks.com wants to ensure that someone does not come in and just click to reserve books without the full intention of following through with the transaction. To avoid this situation, there is a .99 fee to reserve a book.

Credits may be purchased ahead of time so you can avoid the checkout each time you reserve a book.

Not much. SwitchMyBooks.com has automated the entire process and will send both the buyer and seller each other’s contact information so the exchange may be made on campus. In addition, SwitchMyBooks.com provides a complete management console for each student so you can see each book you have listed, any of your books that have been reserved, or any books that you have reserved, as well as history of all your transactions.

Absolutely not. The concept is to exchange money and the textbook at your local campus. No money is exchanged until you meet on campus and ensure that it is the correct book. Since this is typically an on campus exchange, we recommend you to NOT ship books or send money upfront to avoid the risk of unnecessary risks of not getting what you expect.

A price can be changed at any time until a book has been reserved. For example, if your book is not selling, you may want to lower the price. However, once a book has been reserved, the price cannot be changed because this is what the buyer is expecting to pay.

If a book has not been reserved you may ‘Unlist’ it at any time. If the book has been reserved, you should not ‘Unreserve’ it because a buyer was expecting to buy it. 'Unlisting' a reserved book could result in a negative rating by a student.

Yes. Your investment was only .99 cents however since the seller was expecting to sell you the book, it could result in a negative rating. So we recommend reserving books when you fully intend to buy it.

Students are able to rate other students they make transactions with. This way is will help other students feel more comfortable and know the track record when making exchanges.

You can list your books using either the ISBN number which is a 10-digit number that uniquely identifies books or the EAN number which is the 13 digit number separated by hyphens. This may be found on the bar code sticker on your book.

Yes and No. We don’t recommend it because of the risk of sending money and not receiving the books and vice versa. However, PayPal offers options to request funds and if the transaction does not take place satisfactorily, you can file a claim. See PayPal for details.

Textbooks are locally (on-campus) traded and need to be paid when you meet the seller in person.