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Our Story

David and Josue had a common problem shared by every other student in college. The excessive high cost of college textbooks.

Josue would say, “There were many classes I simply could not afford to buy the books and had to go without them and struggle to make the grades any which way I could. I would be subject to making photo copies of classmate’s textbooks, going to the library and searching for related material and it was hard.” David faced similar issues when it came to buying and selling his college books. “I can’t tell you how many hundreds I have spent on college books each semester, and the worst part being not able to retrieve a decent amount of money in return through the buyback programs, if any at all.”

Out of necessity, David and Josue would look for other students looking to sell their books, exchange books and who also needed to buy books. Occasionally they found what they needed but it was hard because no one coordinated it and they had to search everywhere.

One day at lunch, David and Josue decided enough was enough and it was time for a change. A light bulb went off, and the two came up with the idea of a centralized and coordinated website where students can list their books for sale and other students can browse for books they need. Then another idea struck them. Everyone is in a big rush when the semester starts so why not let students list their books for sale as soon as they buy them but say they are not available until the end of the semester. Other students knowing they are taking those classes next semester can reserve those books in advance and exchange on campus when the semester is over. Thus, SwitchMyBooks was created.

Everyone loved the idea and then someone suggested to raise the money to get it off the ground, why not enter the FAU Business Plan Competition. Well after 2 months of a lot of work and preparation and a field of over 215 competitors, SwitchMyBooks.com came out on top and the winner of the 2012 FAU Business Plan Competition.

“Because of the generosity of FAU and its sponsors in the business community, SwitchMyBooks now has the resources to make this a reality and help other student save money on their textbooks” says David and Josue.

“Hopefully, with the help of students’ participation, we can make SwitchMyBooks the first place to go to for your college textbooks.”